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Three Places

Study Passage: Matthew 26:1-56

The public teaching is over. The miracles are done. In verses 1-5 we read the sobering account of the chief priests, scribes, and elders plotting to kill the Lord Jesus (a capital offense) but being careful not to violate feast day protocol (a “misdemeanor”) that might cause “an uproar among the people”. Then we see Him from three unique perspectives.

First, in 6-16 He is in the house of Simon the leper. Mary pours ointment on His body (see John 12). This suggests she believed that He was about to die and that His body would not remain in the grave. See Luke 10 and John 11 for the other two gospel mentions of her.

Then, in 17-30, Matthew provides a very brief account (14 verses) of the last Passover Supper, which became the first Lord’s Supper, which culminates in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. This will be the third and final celebration of what 1 Peter 1.18 tells us took place in eternity past. John devotes four chapters (13-16) to the Upper Room.

Finally, 31-56 enable us to see our Lord in private, in the Garden, looking into the cup and seeing the sins of the world – every single one of them committed by every single person who had ever lived and who ever would live, causing God the Father to forsake God the Son: God denying God, as Spurgeon would put it.

Getting the facts #1: Matthew 26:1-5

  • Why did the chief priests, and the scribes, and the elders of the people meet with the High Priest?
  • What was the one thing these leaders feared?

Getting the facts #2: Matthew 26:6-30

  • What did Jesus say in verse 2 that the disciples seem to have completely overlooked or ignored in verses 6-12 verses?
  • According to verses 14-16, how did Judas respond to our Lord’s Words in verse 2?
  • Of what should verses 17-28 have reminded the disciples?

Getting the facts #3: Matthew 26:31-35

  • What important information did Jesus give to His disciples in verses 31-35?

Getting the facts #4: Matthew 26:36-46

  • What did Jesus do in this time of great trial and what did He tell his disciples to do?

Getting the facts #5: Matthew 26:47-56

  • How did the disciples respond to Jesus’ explanation of what was taking place?

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