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New Scripture Memory: Romans 8

Northside Baptist Church is excited to announce Romans 8:28-39 as our new scripture memory passage. Following our recent success with Philippians 2, we eagerly anticipate how God will work through the memorization of His Word!

Here are several tools that we set up to help with your scripture memory.

  1. Bookmarks: Please stop by the church office to pick up a scripture memory bookmark (or more if you want).
  2. Printable Flashcards: Download a printable flashcard sheet of our scripture memory passage.
  3. Quizlet: This is an online flashcard program that allows you to use a computer or phone to review our memory passage! Add another sense while you memorize by turning on the audio (under options) to hear the verse!
  4. Scripture Typer: This online tool uses three simple steps to help you memorize verses while typing them out on the screen. This was a novel approach for me but it really works! 🙂

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