T&T teaches 3rd-6th graders how to exhibit grace in relationships with others.

Fun and Exciting

Each night of T&T is fun and exciting! We devote a third of each club night to active and entertaining games that the kids will absolutely love! We also strive to instill in them an excitement for God's Word.

Intentional Curriculum

Our T&T curriculum looks at sixteen overarching Bible principles. We engage third through sixth graders by

  1. answering their questions about God and the Bible
  2. guiding them through a pivotal life stage
  3. and encouraging them to grow in Christ’s grace.

Handbook time and Large-Group lessons deepen a child’s knowledge about God and His Word and teach how to turn head knowledge into life habits. Each handbook answers four questions about God and the Bible that preteens typically ask. Throughout the four years of T&T, kids learn sixteen core truths and memorize Scriptural support.