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In League with Egypt (Study Passage: 1 Kings 3-4)

This week our study begins with Solomon making a treaty with Egypt.  In the Old Testament it is helpful to keep in mind that Egypt pictures the unbelieving world.  The Wilderness is a picture of the believer out of fellowship with his God. The land of Canaan is an illustration of the man of God waging war against the enemy.  Romans 7 is the New Testament explanation of the Old Testament typology of Canaan.  When we read in 1Kings 3:1 that Solomon “made affinity with Pharaoh king of Egypt”, we should immediately see red flags of warning. 

Resorting to Egypt in times of trouble never ends in a good place.

It will also beneficial to note that Canaan is NOT a picture of Heaven.  There are no giants or battles to fight in heaven.  We do not have to possess that land.

We gain a fascinating key to the life of Solomon in 1Kings 3:9.  In parallel passages we read that he asked for wisdom, but here we learn that in fact his request was for an “understanding heart”, the ability to “discern between good and bad”.  Wisdom, of course, was the result of this humble request: “who is able to judge this thy so great a people?”.   An “understanding heart” strikes us as some kind of contradiction in terms.  The seat of “understanding” is the head, while the seat of compassion is the “heart”.  Only the Holy Spirit can make both these qualities flourish in the same person, beautifully illustrated in our Lord Jesus Christ.  May studying this passage make each of us seek to be more like our Lord.

Getting the facts #1:  1 Kings 3:1-4

  • Why important truths do these verses tell us about Solomon?

Getting the facts #2: 1 Kings 3:5-15

  • To whom did Solomon give credit for the Lord’s blessing on his life in verse 6? What pleased the Lord about Solomon’s request in verses 9-10? What was the condition for Solomon having a long life? (v. 14)

Getting the facts #3: 1 Kings 3:16-28

  • What caused the people to fear the king?

Getting the facts #4: 1 Kings 4:1-28 (Hard Question)

  • How much food were Solomon’s servants preparing each day? Can you guess how many Solomon may have been feeding each day? (Here is a link that may help)

Getting the facts #5: 1 Kings 4:29-34

  • How many poems and how many songs did Solomon write?
  • Bonus – how many of Solomon’s Songs are recorded in the book of Psalms? (Easy way to get answer – see Dr. Wiersbe’s introduction to this Lesson)

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