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Four Questions

Study Passage: Matthew 22:15-46

At the outset, remember that these interchanges take place on the Tuesday before Passover, two days after Palm Sunday and just two days before the Last Supper, betrayal, and arrest of Jesus, only three days before His crucifixion. Why would He take time to answer these loaded questions at such a critical time in His earthly ministry?

Why would He take time to answer these loaded questions at such a critical time in His earthly ministry?

Exodus 12 instructs Israel to choose the Passover lamb on the 10th day of the month and then on the 14th day of the month to kill it “between the evenings,” between sunset and dark. This means that the 10th day would be Tuesday. This began the examination of the lamb to be certain there was no blemish in it. God’s lamb could have not defect.

  1. The four questions conclude His enemies’ attempts to find fault in Him.
  2. The believer’s two citizenships. When he responded, “They marveled, and left him, and went their way” (22).
  3. The believer’s two bodies. Regarding His answer, “they were astonished at his doctrine” (33).
  4. The believer’s two duties. Jesus reduced their 613 commandments and the Ten Commandments to just two.

Jesus’ unanswerable question: How can Messiah be David’s ancestor and David’s descendant? “No man was able to answer him a word, neither durst any man from that day forth ask him any more questions” (46).
Jesus demonstrated His perfections beyond any shadow of doubt.

Getting the facts #1: Matthew 22:15-22

  • According to verse 15, what was the purpose of the Pharisees’ question? What did Jesus teach when He pointed to the image and superscription?

Getting the facts #2: Matthew 22:23-33

  • What did Jesus teach concerning life after death in these verses?

Getting the facts #3: Matthew 22:34-40

  • What did Jesus teach about the man’s duty when He summarized all of the commandments into thoughts?

Getting the facts #4: Matthew 22:41-46

  • Jesus asked the Pharisees about the “Christ” (Messiah). Their response was that the Messiah was the son of David. Why do you think Jesus quoted the Psalm about David calling the Messiah Lord?

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