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Behold the Man (Study Passage: Matthew 27:27-66)

It seems almost irreverent to write words attempting to describe the scene at Calvary.  Think about it.  Meditate on it.  Grieve and weep.

WHO was being crucified?  Not the best of men, not a criminal, not the worst of men, but the eternally pure and spotless Son of God.  The same Jesus who spoke to the storm and told it to calm down – and it did. The same Jesus who told Legion to enter the swine – and he (they) did.  The same Jesus who called Lazarus to come forth – and he did.

WHAT was happening here?  Not just a death, but the most cruel, excruciating (the root of the word “cruc” is “cross”) way to kill a human ever invented by depraved men. And Christ died for us: in our behalf, in our place, a substitutionary, vicarious atonement.  They did not separate His soul from His body – He yielded up His spirit.

WHERE was all this taking place? In a public place, clothed in nothing more than humiliation, hanging between earth and heaven.  As Sidlow Baxter puts is, as unfit for either. Between two thieves: one saved, so none should despair, but only one, so that none should presume.

HOW did Jesus do this?  Willingly, lovingly, graciously, mercifully.

WHY did He do this?  Because all the sins of all the men of all the ages were imputed to Him, and He drained the bitter cup to redeem us with His precious blood. He paid a debt He did not owe because we owed a debt we could not pay.  What wondrous love is this!

Getting the facts #1: Matthew 27:27-31

  • What did the soldier’s treatment of Jesus reveal?

Getting the facts #2: Matthew 27:32-37

  • What was the accusation they made of Jesus?

Getting the facts #3: Matthew 27:38-44

  • How did those nearby the cross respond?

Getting the facts #4: Matthew 27:45-56

  • How did Jesus respond to the mockery and accusations? What did the centurion recognize as he watched Jesus die on the cross?

Getting the facts #5: Matthew 27:57-66

  • How did each of the people listed in these verses respond to our Lord’s death?

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